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    Garmin GPS V

    I have a Garmin GPS V, the best of the classic Garmins. Have kept it for a while, took it to Africa in case I got lost on Safari, and to Scotland last year when stalking in case of mist/injury, but last really used it in the summer on my boat for clocking its speed and that of my jetski!!

    Now got a proper boat gps/sounder so don't really need it any longer. Would make a good addition to a survival bag on a small SIB/RIB, or just a spare on a bigger boat. They currently seem to be about 80 on eBay. I am looking for 45 including box, belt/protective case, Dashboard bracket, PC cable, and mapsource software and postage. Would do it for 40 collected from Littlehampton in West Sussex.

    Internet Picture of the same unit below:

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