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Thread: Glen Lyon

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    Glen Lyon

    What a fantastic time we had in Glen Lyon.................... We experienced all the weather that there was to be had with sun,snow, hail, sleet, rain and a gale but it did not deter us in the slightest. It would be bullish for me to give an account of all the days but for the four days at the stags and one day at hinds we shot five stags and two hinds.

    However, I must relate one particular day that I had when I shot two stags as the chances of achieving the outcome just once must be at the top end of the "Luck" scale. To begin with on the Monday I shot a switch and the Tuesday, being Buchan's day, he shot a fine 6 pointer. However, on the Wednesday my second day, the day with the best of the weather we proceeded to stalk up a rather wide gap between two hills one of which was a Munro. We spied a couple of groups of deer each with stags in attendance which we planned to have a closer look at. On the way up the hill we spied a Hummel which we watched for a while before he disappeared out of site. Moving on further up the hill the stalker, spied a good stag with hinds lying down just a couple of hundred yards in front of us. Until then they were protected from our view by a slight bump in the ground. We proceeded to stalk these and with the rifle now out of the slip and crawling into the firing point the stalker froze. Had we spooked them I thought. But no, it was the Hummel which the stalker had spied just 70 yards away and lying down. How he ended up there remains a mystery. The stalker said to me do I want the good stag or the Hummel. Believing that the Hummel would be better off the ground I chose the Hummel and crawled into a firing position. Just before I took the shot the stalker told me to reload quickly after the shot. This I always did just in case a back up shot is required. However, Roddy said you may get a left and right as the big stag may come our way after the bang. Anyway, bang went the Mannlichar the Hummel went to heaven and the big stag went in the opposite direction. "Excellent" said the stalker. We watched the other groups of deer, which there were many and with some fine stags, gradually slip over the sky line. The time was just after mid day.

    "Right then" said the stalker. We will gralloch him let the others settle and go to plan B as the day is not over yet. I was very pleased with my Hummel but the chance of a second stag was to good a chance to dismiss. Perfect.

    We maintained our height and proceeded stalking along the same hill into the wind knowing that there were deer in front of us. It was not long before the stalker came to a standstill, and pulled me forward to show me a good herd of deer, with plenty of stags among them at the edge of the herd hoping for a chance to cover a hind. We carried on with caution and for the last 30 yards before we crawled into a tussock of grass to use as a firing point. "The stag I want is in the group of hinds lying down"said the stalker. It was difficult for me to see him although I did tell him I could see a good stag closer to my right and another stag even closer in front of me. No,he said. The stag lying down among the hinds is the one he wanted. I repositioned my self for this stag and could now put the cross hairs at the base of his neck. I told Roddy I was ready and took the shot. Bang. his head fell and the hinds, with a lot more that I thought were with him moved off.

    Well done said he and we wqlked up to the stag. He asked me if I would want the head.......... I LOOKED AND IT WAS A ROYAL.............Good heavens I said, a Hummel and a Royal on the same day too. The stalker knew this stag was a Royal...............

    I need not report any further.........


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    Sounds like someone had a good time !
    So did you take the head ????
    GOOD FOR YOU may you have many more fine days too.

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    And here is a picture of the Royal. A true Royal with six pointsn each side.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    sounds like you had a good time, congrats on the royal, a realy nice head for your wall, you might need a bigger office though!!!

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    Congratulations Donsider it sounds like you had a great time ! I'm up there in a couple of weeks and to be honest..........I can't wait !

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    Congratulations..... never stalked Reds but have been to Glen Lyon. In fact we brought a Ltd edition print by Alan B Hayman from his studio in the Glen.. A group of 5 stags in Glen Clova in the print. A beautiful place is Glen Lyon.

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    What estate in Glen Lyon were you on?

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    very nice read i bet you was well chuffed with that outcome he looks a cracking stag thanks,wayne

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    Thanks for the comments. I was stalking on Roro estate and as you have gathered had a wonderful time. I attach a picture of the Hummel and after 35 years of stalking I shoot my first hummel and Royal on the same day.

    Where I stalk roe at home here in Aberdeen for the past 30 years up untill three yeas ago I had not shot a gold medel and then I shoot 3 within a month of each one.

    It's an oddClick image for larger version. 

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    Nice ground and plenty beasts, believe Grant has retired.

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