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Thread: RFD list??

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    RFD list??

    Hiya, Is there such a thing as a list of RFD's that I can legally look at ?? I've been having a tiny bit of hassle ( nothing to worry about) with a chap who keeps telling me he's a registered RFD, and that he knows whats what.and that I know nothing......I would just like to call his bluff, and see if he is indeed one..

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    Phone your local FEO up and ask him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerhunter270 View Post
    Ask to see his RFD certificate
    +1 If he's got one,should'nt be a problem ,if not !!

    Rgds, Buck.
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    Don't know what your 'tiny bit of a hassle' is but if it is of a technical nature then it is my understanding that having a RFD certificate doesn't mean you have any technical knowledge about firearms but just that you have persuaded the police you have a valid reason to run a firearms business with the necesarry security installed.


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    Hiya, Thanks for the replies chaps..the hassle is about a scope, he wrongly fitted one to a rifle, and crimped the tube, now it wont zero...but, he's telling me as he's an RFD, and he has way more knowledge than me about such things, it doesnt matter....I say it does.. It was my scope he ruined, he wont accept that he was negligent.

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    Name and shame, save the rest of us spending our money with him.Just because he is an RFD does not make him competent, as Mulac said it only means he has persuaded the police that he can legally run the business and has the necessary security.Does he claim to be a gunsmith ?

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    R.F.D. .......... can also be misconstrued as Really F****n Dumb, just depends on who you are dealing with.
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    If he ruined your scope the fact of whether he is an RFD or not is irrelevant.
    As others have said name and shame.

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    ah $hit bad luck mate. Yeah plaster his name all over the SD! And the cops can tell you if he's an RFD
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