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    Lab Bitch

    Hi Morena, My 5 year old Lab bitch gave birth to her first litter of 11 pups just over 7 weeks ago. She is still losing a small amount of bloody discharge from her vulva. She has also molted during this time and has lost a lot of her fur which seems to be taking a long time to grow back. Should i be concerned and is there anything i can give her to promote her new coat. Thanks Steve.

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    Hi Steve aka fallowm,oor,
    Your bitch will discharge for a while longer as 11 was quite a burden for the uterus (womb) to carry. It is in the process of going back to normal ( involuting ). She has taken a hammering feeding the pups and will need to be built up again. Good mixed diet and give her a supplement of SA 37 obtainable from Vet, good pet shop or via internet. If you are keeping a pup it will need this as well, always bear in mind you are building a dog for the future. The early feeding is the most important part of a dog's life. Don't forget the worming.
    My dogs eat in addition to ? dog food,vegetables,fruit anything thats going Anything that falls on the kitchen floor is claimed as theirs.

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    You're lucky - my cocker has taken to claiming anything that is less than 4 foot from the floor!!

    I am through with underestimating dog's abilities. The other day out game shooting my wife was working our two labs. There was a pricked bird that landed in a tree. Before my wife could do anything our older (5 year old) bitch was literally 10 foot up the tree trying to retrieve the pheasant. She cut her eye but got the bird!


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