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Thread: Can you beat the t8

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    Can you beat the t8

    I appreciate things have moved on a lot in recent years with regards the developments in centrefires mode. While some mode may be lighter, shorter, easier to clean o longer lasting than the t8, can anyone honestly say that they can be beaten on sound reduction? I was stalking at the weekend and as always my mates t8 was noticeably quieter than my pes t12. I've recently obtained this pes with a smaller exit hole as I always thought using my .30 cal pes on the .243 was the reason for the lesser noise reduction, but now I'm not so sure. For the record, my mate is using his t8 on a .223 and also uses it on his .308. I've seen other t8s in .270 and 7mm-08 and they also did a very good job in reducing the muzzle blast. Any thoughts? Novice

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    If you are talking in simple price vs performance terms i dont think they can be beaten. Obviously there are better performing moderators available, but not for the same money.

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    Perhaps your thinking too much?

    The point is that without proper noise meter equipment we can only guess which is more effective. Plus to be a proper comparative test both should be tested on the same rifle with same ammunition to cut out variations.

    Where you are situated when the rifle is fired also has bearing on the amount of sound heard/perceived. Of course the manufacturers love all this as it sells more mods.

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