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    Hi Lads and Lasses
    thinking about getting a GWP anybody got any Litters ?
    Bronson sombody said yours where due (any joy) and at least i know they would be from working parents

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    Give Rory Major a bell, he's in Lincoln. Pm me if you can't find his number.

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    i think i have his number

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    give 270wsm a pm he has one left from a litter , they are docked ,chipped ,jabbed etc they are from working parents (he owns)that can be seen with the pup

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Give Rory Major a bell, he's in Lincoln. Pm me if you can't find his number.
    i recently got a gwp puppy from a litter, Rory Major's dog was the sire. chuffed to bits with the pup.

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    Where you being hiding Dully boy, litter of wirehairs arrived yesterday mother and pups doing well, I am out stalking all the time so pm or phone if you want to arrange to come over.

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    How ye doin bronson "long time no see" any chance of some pics of the pups , will give ye a bell and come over for a look

    Forgot to ask any spoken for yet ?
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    I will put some pictures up next week, two spoken for going to stalkers.

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    Cheers for that i'll hang fire and wait for the pics
    Long range Foxing reach out and touch the red fellas

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    Bronson is this the litter out off the lad we were out with the other sunday if so he is a outstanding deer dog & lets you know were the deer are lying up so If the pups are half as good as him they will be class


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