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Thread: Benelli M2 choke key and stock spacer/shims..

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    Benelli M2 choke key and stock spacer/shims..

    Bought a second hand benelli m2 comfortec but the choke key and spacers/shims were missing. Could do with a little less drop on the stock. Anyone who has any of the above items please pm me or if you know who sells them please also pm me.

    Many Thanks!

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    Don't have one to spare but for info a Beretta choke key (for the flush fit chokes) will fit a Benelli too

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    Looking for a Benelli M2 'A' shim and number 3 (iii) flush fit choke

    Hi All,

    Got a choke key. Looking for a flush fit benelli m2 number: iii (3) choke.

    Also looking for an A Shim. I have the A and B corresponding metal plate but need the shim to go inbetween stock and action! If anyone is not using one then you probably never will, it is just too much drop for me without it.

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    Benelli use BERETTA MOBIL CHOKES so you just need to get a beretta mobil 1/2 choke
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