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Thread: Venison/game dealer in northwest

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    Venison/game dealer in northwest

    Does any one know of any venison / game dealers in the northwest or possibly the surrounding area, and the sort of prices paid??

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    Scotland or England?

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    Ah apologies!! England.

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    Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire or Cumbria?

    Have a look on

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    My excess goes to Honeywell's , 10 minutes up the A6 north of Preston. Great farm shop too!

    They always give a great price and also mince mine for 1 per 1lb bag, 1/2 the price I pay in the Highlands.

    Honeywell Meats Ltd Honeywell Eaves Woodplumpton Preston Lancashire PR4 0BH 01772 690271

    Ring Anthony or John Gornall first is best.

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    That sounds VERY expensive at 1 per lb. I dropped a 97lb sika into my local place and got back 12lb sausage, 30 burgers, 2 haunches (boned and rolled) and diced for casseroles and it cost me 38.
    That's in Peebles in Scotland mind.

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    Syndicate - it's certainly cheaper than other places I've tried. I'm happy to take in a c35lb carcase in the skin - head and feet off and get 20 bags of mince & the fillets back for 20.

    They pay a 1 per pound for roe also all-year round which is pretty good - getting 50p at the moment from my guy in Scotland and that will go down now we're into the does properly.

    Your chap sounds very reasonable however.

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