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Thread: foxing the nex generation

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    foxing the nex generation

    was out on saturday night with my son, normally he gets dragged along and lamps while i shoot, but on saturday night we were at a spot i have that is very safe and i thought it would be a good opportunity for him to take a fox with the .223. So we got our gear out of the jeep, had a quick scan with the lamp and spotted a set of eyes a couple of fields away. we worked our way up to the cut barley and the fox had disappeared, a few squeaks and it appeared almost back at our jeep where we headed off from but started to come in to us. as the fields were soaking we worked our way over to a large flat rock and dropped the bi-pod hoping the fox would stop to allow a shot, no such luck. the fox dipped down into a hallow out of site, i dropped a couple of 4's into the 12 bore ready for it to appear over the hill to our front. After a couple of minutes there was no sign so we moved towards the top of the hill and there it was at the fence line into our field. I set up the sticks and my son readied the rifle as i slipped in the mag and chambered a 60gr vmax. I made sure he had a good site picture of the fox and he rolled off the safety on the steyr. I was expecting a delay but safety off , THUMP and then the bang. He shot the vixen at about 100m without hesitation straight in the chest. The fox ran about 10 m from where hit but the dog lcoated it easily for us. All in all a good night and a great first fox for him.

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    Now that is what I call a result, congrats to the young fella!!!!!!!!
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    Brilliant! You can't beat a young 'uns keen eyes,and it is always good to see the youth coming along.


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    Fantastic thats great to hear!

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    Good start, well done young fella

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    great stuff, well done

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    Good lad nice to see the younger lads taking a interest in shooting sports.

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    Well done mate Keep at em.

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    Can't wait for the day to come when i can take my son out after charlie ........well done to your son it must have been very exciting for you both

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    It is always nice for your kids to share a similar interest. He enjoys shooting and is also training a male Gwp pup

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