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Thread: Ladies Rifle

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    Ladies Rifle

    Michelle is thinking about getting ther FAC after coming on a few stalks and a cull. She has shot my 6.5 x 55 but finds it a wee bit to much kick for her which saps here confidence. She has shot my .223 and likes that as less recoil and less bark. I need to find her a rifle that is milder in recoil, I am thinking maybe .243 with a mod. Any suggestions please?


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    My daughter uses an unmoderated Ruger77 Mk1 Full Stock in 243.

    She's 5ft 5 Size 10/12 and is very happy stalking and shooting with it.

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    A couple of thoughts:

    If you don't have a moderator on the 6.5x55, then consider putting one on it.
    Have a close look at the recoil pad on the 6.5x55, an option might be to put a top of the range recoil pad on your rifle.
    Try downloading your 6.5x55 so that you have a mild, but still deer legal round.
    If you and Michelle are significantly different in stature and weight, then maybe a second rifle is the way to go so that both rifles are a good fit.

    Well done on getting Michelle so enthusiastic.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Thanks for the replies so far. ...and JC, the 6.5 is moderated but even so it tends to flip moe than recoil. I am getting a new stock which should help alot as the Tikka plastic fantastic stok it has certainly doesnt help ( loookin as the PSE stock ). Michelle came out over the weekend on Remmy 700s ground wiht a few guys off the forum on a cull and loved it even thugh she didnt get to shoot anything, though hasnt beaten my 3 blanks on a trot yet ! She realised that she had been missing out on alot of as she never realised that the world is a different place when sat in a high seat at dsuk or dawn with the huge amount you see and here around you. She likes the though of getting her own gun now as has shot my .223 and 6.5x55.
    What I have said to her is to apply for an FAC and put down she wishes to buy .243 and either ask for or the use of my rifles, 6.5x55, .223 and .17 HMR which will allow her to use them too.



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    get a .338 lapua mag, then when she realises it's too much gun, you give her the 6.5 and keep the mag to yourself.. everyone wins, you have a mans gun, she has a ladies gun.

    just kidding mate.. .243 is a great cal for ladies, JCS is right too, a down-loaded 6.5 is fine too, but I'm guessing she'll want her own anyway.

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    Well I use a .243win and .308win.

    I think it is more a good choice of rifle to match the person (and practice) than the calibre itself.

    My old .303 was a P14 which was a pig compared to a Lee Enfield - both being 303 of course.


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    Oh yes, .243 is a ladies calibre!

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    Let her shoot a .270,........ once!, then let her shoot the modded 6.5 again, She'll be OK then.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    We can all be flip about what would suit but when I used to teach Shotgun shooting my ex wife hade me realise that pair of bumps women have up front means they are slightly differant shape in the shoulder so a different shaped butt pad may help a lot. would have thought a nicely loaded 120 grain would not be too much.

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    Firstly she needs a rifle that fits her. The excessive recoil she is feeling is probably from poor fit.

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