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Thread: bits and bobs for sale

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    bits and bobs for sale

    sako/tikka 30mm optilock rings for sale. they are blued and are size low.
    they come with inserts also. they are £69 on uttings site
    i am looking for £SOLDas they could do with new screws in them. two are worn the rest are fine.
    the rings are spotless

    “The Sensational Seventeens” reloading manual by Todd A. Kindler
    this is the latest 5th Edition book.

    This seventeen calibre reloading manual features the finest 17 calibres from the 17 Squirrel, 17 Ackley Hornet, 17 Mach IV, 17 Remington, 17 Tactical and 17 PPC!
    If you’re getting into the sensational seventeens or been shooting them for years, this manual
    could help the beginner or even the experienced reloader. It’s the finest all inclusive 17 manual
    on the planet! £30

    I also have some different makes of 22/250 once fired brass for sale.

    norma brass 35 pieces
    77 Winchester nickel brass
    107 Winchester brass
    34 remington rp brass
    37 pmc brass

    they will all need full length sizing and tumbling
    £25 the lot. buyer collects or will post at cost.
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    I'll take the Optilocks please.


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    still got the book and the brass lads. brass now £25

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    guys anyone that wants the 22/250 brass and picks it up can have it for free. all i ask is they make a donation of whatever they want to the Birmingham children's hospital

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