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Thread: Curse of the level two??

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    Curse of the level two??

    Spent the long weekend in D&G trying to get my last two stalks completed for level two. Went out six times, had the rifle on five deer and only got the shot on one.

    This type of thing didnt happen before I had that bloody portfolio to fill in, anybody else experienced the level two curse??
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    Yep, stalked a wood near me with both the stalker and the witness in tow (difficult with just one person never mind three) and spotted over a dozen roe......every bloomin one a doe!
    Ended up doing 7 stalks to get the 3 icr's completed
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    Expecting no sympathy, but AW's suffer too! And we get it over and over again!!
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    Its a day out, every thing else is a bonus !!

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    Yes I also am having fun 3 call offs due to wether and 2 all doe,s

    Still trying to finish off by end of year

    losing hope fast

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    I think it took me 10 or 11 stalks with witness in tow spread on and off over 6 months to do mine. Bad stalking , bad luck, call it what you will but I think it gives you a better sense of achievement if you've had to work hard for it.... moreso than culling 3 beasts in an afternoon I'd argue!

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    I've been stalking on the same large piece of ground with an assessor 7 times now and between us we have simply not had a shot at deer while there are plenty enough. It is easy to have a run of bad luck especially when you are trying to do things just right.

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    If it was that easy everyone would be doing it, & it would probably be worth less then though,
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    Too true guys!

    Ah well one left now! Does not seem anywhere near as much. I do disagree with the insistence of FC for level two in first year. Puts pressure on and not sure of the need to be honest.

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    hope i have better luck with mine! just got my portfolio through saturday, first stalk tuesday morning, right in the rut! looking forward to it

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