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Thread: wee question about a scope

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    wee question about a scope

    i bought a new tikka T3 at the weekend in 308 , it came with a hawke scope , not great but it will do just now , anyway i went out tonight to zero , at 25 yds spot on ,50yds a few cms out , by the time i was out to 100yds it was grouping fine but about 3inch to the righ , so i unscrewed the turret but instead of saying left or right it says UP , i know i could count the clicks but by this time id went through 12 rounds and id only taken 20,, is this UP marking right ?
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    What did it say under the other turret?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRUMPY View Post
    What did it say under the other turret?
    both are marked with a white arrow showing which way to turn to move the cross hair up

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    Sounds silly but are you sure the scope hasn't been mounted 90 degrees out with the up/down turret to the side?

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    [QOTE=CRUMPY;274190]What did it say under the other turret?[/QUOTE]
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    Sounds like it was made on a Friday afternoon!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Sounds silly but are you sure the scope hasn't been mounted 90 degrees out with the up/down turret to the side?

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    Can I suggest you adjust the scope at each range, before moving the target further out. If you can get the shots dead on at 50yds, then it won't be far away from an inch high at 100yds. You can then set it to 1 - 2 inches high at 100yds. Secondly, a photo of the scope with the turret caps off would be helpful.


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    pics ,, i know how to zero without the directions , i was just wondering if this was the norm with hawke scopes?

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    on mine the top one says up (turn anticlockwise for up) the side has L marked on it (turn clockwise arrow direction)

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