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Thread: 55gr Seirra gameking in 222 ?

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    55gr Seirra gameking in 222 ?

    Hi All

    Just looking for some advice / help with a possible load for my CZ527 American 222. Has anyone used this bullet in a standard 1 /14 twist with any success ? I just want to try to work up something more suitable for roe. I am open to suggestions for any SP heads rather than the more available standard varmint stuff.


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    I used it in 223, great weight & drive. I used a std load, vit 133 24gr, & vit 120 , 21g.
    This may help.

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    I have used it in my Remmy 700 Bdl to good effect.
    I use 19gn H4198 or 19gn H322 both have the same effect in my rifle.
    Mind you PPU 50gn is also as accurate as any of my reloads and at the price they are it isn't worth reloading.

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    Thanks lads

    All advice much appreciated. I have not used PPU as yet. Does it perform well on impact ie not just fragment ? as just trying to find the best combination for my CZ rifle and ammo to use up here in Scotland on roe.

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    Try some Sako Gamhead 55gr they come in about 18.00 a box.
    Dose the job on roe deer & getting less then 1" grouping from my Tikka M595.


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    All bullets in 223 are market Varmint on USA web sites. I reckon a 30-40lb roe deer is similar to that.

    I use Speer 1047 in my 223 and nosler 55gn BT if I feel flush but ideally would like a "game bullet" but the only one seems to be the Sako.

    Sierra list a bullet under game king but I think it is just a name rather than an application recommendation as FMJ bullets are listed also.

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    Thanks again lads for your help. Does anyone know which company actually makes the bullets for Sako ? if so then that might be an option for me to follow up.


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    that is the million dollar question that no one knows the answer to. Norma maybe?

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    Yes sums it up right enough. I emailed GMK today re the availability of the 55 Gamehead for reloaders and so I await a reply. The Norma's are what I used to shoot roe with years ago in other 222's and they really worked well. Just trying to get something along those lines for home loads.

    Thanks again lads.


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    hi try hornady 55 grain ask for 2265 sp. if you can get winchester748 powder.go for min 24.2 to max 26.4 between 2800 to 3100 fps. good bullet for roe . i use same bullet in 223 rem .same powder .26.4 3200 fps .

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