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Thread: Full set of .243 dies

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    Full set of .243 dies

    Anyone got a spare set of decent quality .243 dies for sale? redding, rcbs etc


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    I've got a full set of Lee Yellow box neck sizer dies plus full length die - 35 plus postage (say 5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    I've got a full set of Lee Yellow box neck sizer dies plus full length die - 35 plus postage (say 5)
    Thanks for the offer mate, i have a set of lee's but have had trouble with them consistancy wise and have been advised to go RCBS, redding etc to try and sort the problem, just thought i'd post on here before buying from a shop.


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    I am very surprised at that, I use Lee dies for lots of calibres and had no cause for complaint. Outside chance it's the press.

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    Dodgyrod,if only i could say the same,i've no doubt thousands load with lee gear and have no trouble, but it hasn't been that way for me, When i first got into loading i went and bought a complete lee loading kit, since then after seeing the difference between lee and rcbs, redding etc used by others i have done what i should have in the first place, that is to buy the best i could, it wasn't till i saw the results of rounds loaded through rcbs that i realised the difference especially if you have a rifle that may be a "little sensitive" when it comes to homeloads.
    The biggest difference i found was when i bought an RCBS chargemaster, from then on i have gone on eventually to upgrade everything from lee to rcbs and so far every upgrade in gear has produced an improvement, whilst i accept it may be possible that i had just been unlucky and got a "dud" kit" initially it just seems the old adage "buy the best you can and buy it once" definatley rings true in the world of reloading.
    I have today completed my upgrade with a set of RCBS dies from a member of the forum, all i need to do now is get a safe load worked up and i'm sorted


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