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Thread: This is how you pack a 150lb deer into a BMW Z4 convertible.

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    This is how you pack a 150lb deer into a BMW Z4 convertible.

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    I thought the answer was going to be 'take the crate of Pimms out of the boot first', but that is absolutely unbelievable!

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    I expected some legs sticking out here and there but that is absolutely amazing!!

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    That takes a bit of doing!! Says a lot about BMW build quality.

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    loading deer

    Much easier to use the boot

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    Better than through the windscreen - but 150lbs? Helluva big roe

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    How fast do you have to go to acheive that for heavens sake?

    Thats how fast I will have to throw the next one I shoot to get it in the freezer!

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    Wonder what it tasted like as would have been well cooked probably one for the other thread

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    Has anyone seen my mother-in-law?

    She went out late last night, wearing her deerskin coat and we haven't seen her since.

    She weighs around 150 lb and only went out for fags, booze, KFC and her Giro from the post office on the other side of the autobahn.

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