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    good farmer

    about 4 weeks back i was stopped just up the road from where i live by a local farmer are you at shooting crows and pidgeons he asks ..bloody great said i ...well iv got 2 fields of barley just up from you being hammerd by them would see what you can do for me, iv got scarecrows gas gun and owl decoys out and they dont take no notice..yes i told him and me and a friend got thumped into them that day and made quite a hole in the flocks ...meets him a few days later and he says thanks for clearing the field only one problem, they all moved up to the next one..rite says aye and sorts a day with a friend to get up there and get stuck in again gives them another pelting and seems to fix his problem ...thing is i enjoyed doing it, but today i was walking up the road and he pulls over and thanks me again and this time offers to pay me for doing it.of course i refused even tho i was a bit skint posting this just to say all farmers arnt all bad tight and and thought it was very nice of him to at least offer ..iv now added a few more acres of deer stalking to my list and fox controll ...yaaaaaa hooooooooooooo

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    That's the way to do it.

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    theres a farmer around my way nicked named "manners" as he a serious lack of them. I asked a couple of people about who owns particular fields and was told in no uncertain terms not to bother as he would chase you. during the bad freeze last year i noticed a dog fox in with sheep two mornings in a row, i called in to the yard and mentioned to him that i was passing on the way back from shooting foxes and seen a fox two mornings in a row in a field with sheep and he should keep any eye out for it. To cut along story short he told me to shoot away in any of the fields and to keep an eye for dogs as well. If i called in to ask for permission he would have chased me.

    some are a little easier to get on with than others.


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    When calling on farmers whilst looking for shooting you are often judged by whoever has had the shooting before you and the grumpy reaction of some landowners has nowt to do with you. At the beginning of the year just as lambing was starting I obtained the shooting of fox on a 1000 acre piece of ground. First couple of times out the farmer wanted to accompany me. Then it was "just do that couple of fields", now after a good few fox, pigeon and crows I have the whole farm including deer and am running a very nice pheasant syndicate shoot. I have a very good relationship with the landowner, do a bit of work for him, check the security of the farm buildings (especially if I know he is out for the evening) whilst out lamping, phone him if I see any problems with his livestock, never take for granted who owns the land and that his business comes first and always catch up with him the day after a syndicate shoot and pass on the lads thanks for a good day.

    Turns out that although the farmer wanted foxes controlled he has had bad times with guys supposedly shooting fox but taking deer instead, guys paying absolutely no respect to his property and livestock and generally just taking the p1ss. Do it right and your reputation soon spreads and offers do come to you.

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