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Thread: Browning A-Bolt Scope Mounts/Rings

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    Browning A-Bolt Scope Mounts/Rings

    Can anyone advise what scope mounts will fit the Browning A Bolt ?.

    I like the look of these but it dosn't say if they are 30mm or 1"

    Are there suitable mounts available in the UK ? I will probably be fitting 30mm tube with 50mm objective.

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    I have the Browning A bolt in .308 and I had no problem whatsoever to fit a 30mm scope using regular rings.

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    Pop these basis on and pick up some leupold mounts. Then at least if you move the rifle on you won't have to sell the rings aswell.

    I run a one piece EGW rail which is a bit over kill on a stalking rifle.

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    I have Weaver bases on mine, then the world is your oyster, here are some cheap bases for a A-bolt. f11e



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    I use stainless hilver mounts with leupold rings on my .300 wsm and its never moved.

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    Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated

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