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Thread: fallow pricket

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    fallow pricket

    shot this young buck a couple of days ago limping across the field .on closer inspection
    he had a pheasant feeder spring at base of antler and was stretched out about 6ft,
    and wrapped round front leg.he had a load of electric rabbit netting a round antlers
    plus blue baler twine.other wise was in good condition.
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    he looks as though he was in the xmas spirit already


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    Well done. My word he had collected an assortment of crap hadn't he! You've probably save him a nasty death getting hung up somewhere.

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    Good cull. nice to see people doing things properly and not thinking about how big the heads are! keep up the good deer management.

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    Well done that man!

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    +1 for that one m8!

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    Well done. That would be a good one to prepare as a trophy. I am always disapointed that so much of the rubbish that I find inside and wrapped around deer is shooting/argiculture related, we are always quick to moan about people dropping litter but often we are the worst offenders? Are you sure its a pricket? it would be worth checking its teeth? JC

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    Job "WELL DONE" Mate but i would call that a First head Buck JC275

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    I'd call it a very crap sorrell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cougar View Post
    I'd call it a very crap sorrell.
    sure its NOT a "Sore" ????????

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