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Thread: New Farms....Up date

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    New Farms....Up date

    As per the title,
    An up date on my post asking for advice on “new farms”
    What I did this morning was to call my FAD and explain I have a new farm to shoot on; this farm is not the nominated land I put down in my application.
    I explained who I was and what I wanted to do and asked for some guidance as this is quite new to me.
    The lady asked for the address of the farm and the name of the farmer, and about 30 seconds later she said this land is cleared for maximum calibre of .243.

    I thanked her for that and asked how I should proceed in the future, her answer was,
    Just email us with the relevant details and we will email you an answer.
    I have around 3 more farms in mind, so I will gather up the information and see if the system works.
    Granted this will not work for all counties as they all seem to have different systems, also these farms have shooting history and to be fair very little land is not shot over.
    I am just following in the foot steps of previous shooters and the next generation will hopefully follow mine.
    Many thanks for the advice....


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    Yes the Firearms Depts are generally pretty helpful

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    And the more land you ask about, apparently, the more chance of them opening your certificate sooner. Nonsensical I know, I could sit with the phone book and ask about dozens of farms without having any hope of shooting them, but then who ever said firearms law enforcement had to make sense!

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    I used to follow the same process untill i enquired if pieces of ground submitted to the licensing dept were added to my portfolio and the reply was no it was only added to the national data base so in turn had no bearing on any application for a open certificate .

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