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    right folks,just a wee out there quetion,who still,,,in the gooder weather...still wears the good old trust worthey tweeds ,,over the new gore-tex tweed look alike?

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    I wear them in good weather and bad!
    nothing breathes in good weather like natural fibre.
    nothing dries out whilst walking and feels dry when actually wet than natural fibre

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    yip and ye cannot beat the chaffing after a good hike,,ha,ha.

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    Tweed breeks on shoot days and on the hill, can't beat them.
    Chaffing? A price worth paying!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG white hunter View Post
    yip and ye cannot beat the chaffing after a good hike,,ha,ha.
    you need to get some decent tweed, not that woven camel pubic hair crap

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    pick me up of the floor .Wear them most saturdays never had the chaffing

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    only had the chaffing once in ten yrs in 30 degree heat too warm for tweed very sore !

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    wear them most days cant beat them dry quiet quick best getting plus 4s over breeks bit more room and they hang of you so when wet they hardly touch you.
    also most well made breeks are fully cotton lined infact a keeper i know gets his silk lined but then his boss buys them for him and he is mega wealthy!

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    Tweed on the hill always, sometimes full suit if dry weather, +4s and deerhunter jacket if not so good
    summer Roe stalking camo or plain green cotton trousers.

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    Always tweed,certainly on bottom half. On very wet days I reluctantly wear a modern waterproof but I hate having to.

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