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    West Mercia

    Given the current delays in turning around renewals I was wondering if anyone knows what the BASC/BDS/NGO think about it.
    at what point does it become unacceptable. My renewal went away in May along with all the referees, all i have heard from the police is that they are having problems and please don't contact them as it will slow things down further. is it to much to ask for an estimate of it's return? i am trying to be patient but not having my ticket is getting to be a real pain. Surely the BASC/BDS Etc should be sticking there oar in.


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    Did they issued you with a S.7 permit straight away when your FAC expired? How long ago was it?

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    Have you contacted BASC/BDS/NGO (or whichever one you are a member of) and asked them about you specific issue directly?

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    Write to the Chief Constable and complain. He is the man ultimately responsible for the very poor service provided by West Mercia. You might also suggest he allocates more resources to an already overworked department.

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    My mate's got the same problem! He sent in his renewal to West Mercia in may also, the problem is that we are going for wild boar in Poland in December, he has contacted them umpteen times, he was told the last time " he will get it when he gets it" bit of a bummer when your already payed 2000 for a trip!

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    What is a s 7 permit ?

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    It's a permit that allows you to keep possession of your firearms and ammo when you do not have a valid FAC. Does not allow purchase of ammo though.

    So if anyone has sent a renewal in for processing within good time and their FAC has expired I would suggest that it is a good idea that they should request the issue of a S.7 Permit, otherwise they are very much in unlawful possession of firearms despite any assurances from the FLD to the contrary. It'a all very well the police saying it's okay because they know you have a renewal in, but the fact is that unlawful possession of firearms is a serious offence. They don't like issuing the permits because it reflects badly on them in terms of performance targets and efficiency.

    If you are without a valid FAC it's your choice - either risk prosecution or ask (in writing) for a permit to be issued ASAP. I know what I'd do.

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    my friend waited a year for his renewal to be sorted,
    no problems on his part. this isn't going to get any
    better with west mercia until people start complaining.
    i was told i wouldn't get my fac back for at least 12 weeks,
    but i think its going to be much longer.
    i wonder if they have had any complaints

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    You need to write to the Professional Standards Dept, cc the Chief Constable, cc the FLO dealing with your renewal.

    Are you technically illegal at the moment? i.e. has the expiry date on your FAC expired?

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