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Thread: Missing BMH

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    Missing BMH

    Out BMH Mintaka went missing on Sunday evening (23rd October) in fields behind the Stanley Downton Sewage Works, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire. She suddenly starting whinging that got louder and frantic and boltled through a hedgerow. The farmers son saw her back at our vehicle and reports her being hysterical, running around the car and up and down the lane. We were no more than 5 mins behind her in getting back to the car but she was not there. She is chipped and tatooed. There have not been any reported sightings as yet, which is worrying as there are a lot of people on the look out in the area.

    Below is a link to her poster and we would be grateful if it could be circulated to all you know


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    i know the feeling
    i hope ya get her back quickly and safely

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    I guess you have tried searching the sewage works ? I only ask because I have some old sewage workings on some land I shoot over and they are full of assorted dog traps, shear sided pits etc etc.

    Good luck and I hope you are reunited with your dog soon.

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    Gutted for you, Hope you get her back! Is she from Weisa in Poland?

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    Having two BMH of my own it must be a very worrying time for you and heartbreaking. I will keep my ear to the ground and make a couple of calls to other owners who may be approached. PM me for my mobile number if you want to talk.

    Best wishes


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    Missing BMH

    Know how you feel.
    we lost a terrier for three days
    Keep going back to the same area as they often return to the last known point i.e truck/car.
    Foxhounds have been known to come back to the lorry unloading site several days later.
    Try Police,local dog wardens,local council,gamekeepers.
    Good luck

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    Thanks for the replies of hope and support. The area is being searched daily thanks to the folk involved with Doglost. All authorities have been notified as have kennels/vets/sewage works, posters are up all over the place and the train driver from network rail has contacted us directly to inform us that no dogs have been involved in accidents along the stretch of rail recently.

    Please continue to keep an ear to the ground and distribute her details.


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    When I lost my GWP in the forest I used an old NZ pig dog hunters trick, when it came to last light and I had not found her I took off my tee-shirt and put it under a tree where I had her with me last, I came back at first light and there she was laying on it. Your BHM will want to get back to you; something that has your scent on is the next best thing for the dog.



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    I have a couple of farms just north of that area I will make the farmers aware.

    Good luck


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    We had a call this afternoon from Ruth @ doglost.....Mintaka was found dead on the railway today.


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