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Thread: 10 headless chickens!!

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    10 headless chickens!!

    Got a call today too say there was 10 chickens with their heads missing, and the night before a couple off chickens lost their feet!!
    Is this young foxes or pinemarten or mink??

    Regards marshall

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    Hi Marshall, I live just along the road from you at Kirkhill, I would say it's a mink not a pinemarton. There is a lot of pinemarton kicking about in our neck of the woods... If you need a hand send me a PM

    Cheers Andy

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    Hi marshall had the same problem when i lived in tain it was mink as i seen them on regular basis nasty they are cheers shotz

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    Hi same here not far from you, could be a fox as they tend to chew head off, would expect to find a couple missing as well, pine martin would leave puncture marks on the back of the neck behind the head, pluck a few to check, mink would kill same as pine martin, so fox is my best bet, or maybe a badger.


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    My money would be on a fox, that's a lot of heads for a mink to take off, had an arc full of ducks loose their legs to a fox when I was a kid, just pulled them under the side and chewed them off, left some of them alive with stumps poor little buggers!!!!

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