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Thread: Start of a hunters dream

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    Start of a hunters dream

    Hi all,

    I am taking some time off and trying to have a few days of stalkers heaven, it started of yesterday and will end monday well he goes . Yesterday i started of with the reds at the lake district on the hill and i was very lucky to get a very nice stag it was a 14 pointer which after watching and following from a height and not thinking i could get a chance of a shot but then luck changed and the mist came in and i could cover some open ground to get within 200 yards `ish and take the shot which at 1st i was a bit worried as it just walked of with the hinds i thought no i missed but then i looked through the scope again and could see the entry wound in the right spot and just as i saw that it wobbled and all was well thank god and i am not religous.Click image for larger version. 

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    So now i am getting ready for the next part of my trip , i am going to wicklow for the sika today and then going to sweden for driven moose and then back to the sika on monday and finally home monday night so i cannot add more until i get back which with a bit of luck should work out.

    thanks for looking


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    Well done! Jo must be going soft, Sweden!

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    Great stuff Chris.

    Were you out at Martin's?

    Any idea how tony did on Monday? He is back there today as well, jammy sod!


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    Thats a great stag! Well done and good luck on the next few days!

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    Congrats on the stag Chris and good luck with the rest of your adventure!

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Going green with envy here !

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    Sounds like a dream trip! good luck mate all the best, and take lots of pictures for the less fortunate of us (me)!!

    regards, Dan.

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    200 yards ish " and the rest mate ! cracking day out on the hill im still aching, well your stags boiled and cleaned off you owe me !!!!!
    Good look with rest of your trip mate

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    Cracking stag Chris.

    Lets hope you get the mixed bag you are hoping for.

    I will speak to you next week when you get back.

    Good luck.



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    well lads just got back from one hecktic trip , sweden is one lovelly place and the amount of roe you see in the fields is unreal and the amount of big roe buck , well i have never seen anything like it and as for the moose it is just like buying a lottery ticket and my numbers did not come up on either species i went for but i am going back next september to the north of sweden with better luck.


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