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Thread: Huge Exemoor stag found dead

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    Huge Exemoor stag found dead

    Western Morning News today (Thursday) has a big article on a huge 19 point red stag found dead last week with 3 bullet wounds to its body.

    Gist of article is that there appears to be a great deal of poaching going on and this was another poachers victim which was not retrieved having been shot with an inappropriate weapon.

    Has anybody in the exemoor area got any further info?


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    3 bullet wounds huh? Did they recover any? It is the end of October

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    since when did poachers worry about inappropriate weapons

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    Oly, I read the Telegraph article. Antis stirring or not. I doubt if anyone on this site will disagree with anything that Peter Green said.

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    I hate poachers. Green was right in his words.

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    Late on in the rut, a large stag is found dead, with several deep puncture wounds. Now, anyone who knows deer is most likely to think "oh well, there's another rut casualty, guess it was his time"

    Now, mr meeja whore thinks "magnificent stag shot repeatedly, dies slow painful death, bash the shooting community" makes far better headlines than "Stag loses out in perfectly natural activity and is fatally wounded".

    Edited to add, after reading, it would appear he was actually shot. In which case the *******s need hunting down and shooting repeatedly in painful places.
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    Wasn't this discussed last year? Different stag with identical circumstances??~Muir

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    So we are thinking this is a conspiracy theory from anti shooters, including a well known vet who is not against shooting??????

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    Peter Green got it about right however the Telegraph is once more guilty of poor research as if this was a mature Exmoor stag he'd be way bigger than 200lbs.

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