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Thread: Sloe gin

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    Sloe gin

    I have managed to pick my Sloe berries for a few bottles of sloe gin.

    Does anyone have a particularly good recipe for sloe gin? Im using the standard 450g sloes, 350g of caster sugar and 750ml of gin.

    Regards, Dan.

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    450g/1lb sloes
    225g/8oz caster sugar (sugar to taste - guideline 150g sugar per bottle of gin (70cl)
    A small dash of almond essence
    1 litre gin

    ***** the sloes all over. Place in a large Kilner jar. Add the sugar, gin and almond essence and shake well. Shake most days for about three weeks to ensure that the sugar dissolves. Then leave for a minimum of 3-6 months. Strain and bottle. The strained fruit is delicious when served with ice cream.

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    Mine is a lot less sweet but it seems appreciated.

    I Demijohn.
    4lbs. Sloes. Freeze them and then use them it saves all the faff of pricking them
    12oz. Sugar.
    4 Bottles Gin.

    Place all ingrdients in Demijohn and cork securely.

    Shake the demijohn daily until all the sugar is dissolve.
    Store in a dark cupboard shaking weekly.d
    After 3 months, filter trhough coffee filter papers and put into previously emptied gin bottles. Add sugar ONE TEASPOON AT A TIME to the first bottle shaking well and tasting until it is how you like it. Sweeten the rest the same amount and thereyou are.

    Doing it this way it is very smooth and fruity rather than like cough mixture.
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    I've heard that sticking the demijohn in the boot of the car is a good way of ensuring the mix gets agitated regularly.

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    Personally I make it by the bottle.

    Pick sloes in October and November
    Pour gin out of bottle
    ***** sloes with a fork and fill the bottle between a third and a half full
    add 75g of suger
    fill to the top with gin
    turn / shake bottle whenever you go past
    leave for 4/5 months
    separate sloes (and let debris setlle out if you can be bothered) and drink

    you can add more suger later but obviously not take it away
    I prefer it less sweet than most
    Freezing sloes is Sacrilege and should not be contemplated
    Pricking sloes is a great excuse to watch a film

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    I agree firmly with Kalahari's sugar-management. Put in less to start with, and if necessary sweeten further after tasting before bottling.

    This year I haven't pricked the sloes, as my scientific side couldn't fathom out why this would make a whole heap of difference. Ditto freezing.

    Demijohn in the boot of the car? You'd probably save time keeping the demijohn in the house and just giving it the occasional shake; but if you fancy the idea, why not save both time and sloes and just empty a bag of sugar into the boot of your car and pour a bottle of gin over it. Then throw in some broken glass. Or is it just my driving?

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    Its difficult to give a precise recipe because it depends on whether you like a sweet and syrupy gin or one with a bit of tartness. I prefer it just a bit on the tart side.

    I freeze the sloes, which splits the skin and avoids having to ***** each one. The old skool country way is to ***** each one with a blackthorn. I used to do this but use the freezer method now.

    I make mine in empty two litre pop bottles. I fill the bottles two thirds full of sloes and then add gin until its about two inchs from the top. You need a bit of air to allow it to slosh around properly when you shake it. When the gin and sloes are in I add some sugar, usually about half a pound, but I don't weigh it.

    Put the top on, shake each day for about four months. Let it settle and have a taste. If its too sour, add some more sugar. If its ok, you can bottle it. I experimented with different ways of filtering, but couldn't get a reliable method. I've resorted to letting it settle and decanting.

    I usually do at least a couple of pop bottles full. I bottle it in cork topped scotch bottles and do a label. I lay it down for about five years before I drink it. It does improve a bit over time.

    We'll be drinking 2005's gin this year. I like to compare the vintages. I realise I've taken it too far and should just drink the stuff.




    Almond esscence and juniper berries are good flavour enhancers.
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    I use ordinary granulated sugar, which takes a bit longer to dissolve but not significantly so.
    It gets filtered in two stages - once through a jelly-bag folded up into the bottom of a funnel, to remove the coarse crud, and then through a fine nylon mesh designed for making coffee.

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    quite a variety of measues there....willhave to try some of em

    i was told and do the following

    2lb of fruit frozen or pricked...or if bigger like strawbs just cut in half
    750gms caster sugar but i cut mine to 500grms now

    1 litre of gin or voddy.

    i use the bottles / jars you can buy for 4 quid out of asda ..they have flip lid and o-ring seal with the "grolsch lager bottle" type metal clasps. then shake every day for 1st fortnight then weekly there after...and leave for 6 months....then just thru a fine sieve and bottled....nce bottled i throw in a split vanilla pod

    i try to make a bottle every month ish so you always hav one ready so to speak....wife had a look in back of cupboard and reminded me of 3 lots there to bottle up form 18 months ago!!

    blackcurrant & strawberry gin and same vodka

    and strawberry & raspberry vodka


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    Made my first lot of sloe gin this year, so far so good!

    What do you guys do with the used sloe berries, read on the Internet some soak them in still cider to make "Slyder" supposed to be potent but delicious.

    Also read some remove the stone and dip them is a quality chocolate to make liqueurs anyone tried any of these?

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