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Thread: Zeiss Repair

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    Zeiss Repair

    Whilst stalking this October my Zeiss 7x42 binoculars fogged up on one side. Macleods in Tain were kind enough to send them back for repair.
    Got a mail today.......920 to repair the water damage, who's kidding who, I can buy a new pair at that price.
    Should say they are 10 years old and Zeiss serviced them 2 years ago for no small sum.

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    I got a 22 year old scope repaired under warranty by Zeiss for a similar problem at their premises at Three Rivers juts off the M25 near Gerrards Cross. I don't see why they won't do the bins under warranty?
    The guy I dealt with was Mark Kahn, but that was quite a while ago.
    It could be worth a phone call.

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    Thanks dodgyrog, I'll await the reply from Zeiss from my reply to them but will keep this in mind.

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    A few years ago I had a pair of 7x42 bgats that had been dropped and misted up one side, they new they had been damaged and still repaired them foc, seems strange maybe a change of policy or staff???


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    Are they under a 30 year warranty anyway ??

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    glasgow binocular repairs

    Central Chambers
    93 Hope Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G2 6LD
    07941 686 990

    sort them out good as new for a fraction of the cost. Should be under the zeiss 30 year guarantee though

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    What happened to the thirty year warranty.

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    Never knew there was a 30 year warranty, I'll get back to Macleods Tain where I bought them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K333ROE View Post
    Never knew there was a 30 year warranty, I'll get back to Macleods Tain where I bought them.
    Hi I've just sent you a pm but in rellation to a 30 year warranty there used to be some time ago.The current warranty is 10 years parts and labour. This is on all scopes and binos apart from the RF versions which the electrics are supported for the same period.

    Regards Jon

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    Just a thought, if they were 'damaged' and not just faulty, if you have home insurance you may be covered- less the excess

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