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Thread: Who writes this rubbish?

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    Who writes this rubbish?

    giant stag killed by poachers - Telegraph
    200lbs is large for a Red stag?

    The impressive young animal - dubbed the Goodleigh Giant - was shot in north Devon.

    He was expected to become one of the biggest stags in the country when fully mature because he already had an impressive 19 points on its antlers - compared to The Emperor's 14.

    The stag had become less wary as the rutting season approached and local landowners tried to keep him a secret for fear of trophy hunters tracking him down.

    But rumour of the 200lb animal's presence spread and poachers descended on the region to get a glimpse or a shot at the stag, which would fetch thousands of pounds on the black market.

    The death follows a series of stag slayings in the area as poachers target the impressive animals as trophies.

    News of the animals' demise also comes almost a year to the day after the country's largest wild animal - the 300lb 9ft Exmoor Emperor was killed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack View Post
    - the 300lb 9ft Exmoor Emperor was killed.
    Awww....Bless them.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    "Stag slaying" no emotive language there then.

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    Newspapers/Journalists...just can't help themselves can they.
    Personally, I haven't bought or read a newspaper since 1996 when I got fed up with their jumping on the Dunblane bandwagon and declaring their support for a handgun ban.
    Almost all journalistic reporting on the issues at the time was out of proportion and inflamatory - just as it is on this matter.
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    .... Oh poor wee you!!

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    And there was me thinking that the giant Irish stags had been extinct for many hundreds of years !
    Deeangeo - I am forbidden to scan a newspaper now as the sigh rate goes up at the bovine effluent therein. In many cases they don't seem to make decent firelighters any more either. The original concept of journalism was to make people aware of the truth. Now things have changed in order to make money. Journalism might now be classed amongst the more pernicious of dangerous diseases.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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