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Thread: My first munty

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    My first munty

    I booked a couple of stalks with MUNTJAC STALKER last weekend, and was on my way up the A1 to bedford, and met up with Jason andMike
    after quick chat we was on the ground, weather was good dry touch of wind, i have never seen a muntjac never mind shoot one, so this was a differant experance for me! Mike took me out and before long we was onto deer! let me tell you this estate where they took me is alive with these little critters, jumping out from all angles, we mainly saw does, and about half hour to go we spotted a buck and doe feeding together on a ride facing away from us at 165 yards, me managed to get to about 120 when the buck spots somethings up!! we froze untill he carried on feeding, we closed the gap to 100 and mike says we cannot get any closer, that will do me i replyed up sticks and BANG, mike says you have hit him no worries, got to the strike point and nothing, mike says im going to get the dog we returned with mikes labrador Rowan, and within a moment he had the buck about 10 foot from the edge of the ride, i was over the moon the dog had found the deer, and a loverly buck too, sunday morning arrives and the second stalk with mike same applys after bumping about 30 deer we spotted a small buck on a ride up sticks bang this time the deer was knocked over but got up and headed for the woods same again this time we took the dog with us she had the deer in no time, many thanks to Jason and Mike for looking after me and getting me on to my first munty!!
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    nice one jewfish, this is one you wont forget regards biker1

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    Well done. I am still waiting for my first muntie.

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    Nice one jewfish

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    Congrats on the muntjac Jewfish!

    Fascinating little things, I'll have to get myself over the the UK and shoot my first as well!

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    Well done Jewfish - you will always remember your 'first' !

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    Nice one, congrats, i would get that measured can't be far off a bronze medal.


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    Very nice Jewfish,

    I to have yet to see one let alone shoot one, will put that right very soon
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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