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Thread: Leupold MK4 Clone

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    Leupold MK4 Clone

    Hello, Guys bought this for the .222, but its too military for me, very cheeky copy, comes in the Leupold box, 4.5x14x50 illum mildot reticle, someone out there may be starting up tactical and this would be a cheap option for now, just after my money back for another project, put on the rifle and taken off, never been out of the house. 120 posted Spec/D.SOLD.Attachment 10019Attachment 10020Attachment 10021Attachment 10022Attachment 10023Attachment 10024
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    What size tube are they?

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    30mm Mate, sorry.

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    Whats it like at dusk and lamping? Does it hold a crisp image?

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    Gomez, as stated lad never had it out of the house, I'm sure younger eyes than mine would tell the difference, I have looked through it at night down the street with the illum on and it looked great, tried my tasco titan for comparison and could not tell the difference, and yes pretty crisp image with the side focus. Hope this helps.

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    Same as this?


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    No mate, look at the bell housing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aries 1 View Post
    No mate, look at the bell housing.
    Still a leupold knock off, loads of these around!!!


    Actually for 30 they do perform almost as well as a real one!

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    Did'nt say it was a real one.

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    is it not actually illegal to re-sell forgeries? surely we cannot condone that on the forum. sorry, just being morally righteous.

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