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Thread: Custom Built Long Range Rifles For Sale

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    Custom Built Long Range Rifles For Sale

    Alongside the Guerini & Fabarm rifles I plan to sell a limited number of Custom Built, Long Range Rifles ~ the first of the McMillan stocks arrived today marking a start of the project

    First on the build list for stock is a .338 Edge followed by a 6mm x284on BAT actions and Border Barrels

    If you are in the market for precision long range rifle PM me for more details.

    Express Rifles
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    sounds like its going to be a nice range of rifles you going to be having done.

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    Who is building these for you? I think most people want to know a reputable builder is assembling the rifle before parting with their hard earned.

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    Uk Gunworks are doing the gunsmithing ~ Chris does first class work!

    I want to put the finished rifles together as a package with all the trick bits, load development etc ready to go.

    I will keep you posted when the first rifle are ready.

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