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Thread: relaoding ammo & gear

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    relaoding ammo & gear

    I have been buying my reloading heads & power from this man for a while know so I just thought I would post this link to a web site never had a problem & lets me know what he has in & more inported when he is next getting it in lol

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    When I first read the link, I misread it and thought it was “” if that had been the company’s name I would have brought from him on that basis alone.



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    well after looking at the link, I wondered when he'd get round to it

    Joking aside though, I too have bought a few things from him. Good aftersalesmanship if there is such a word. Thanks
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    just been to pick my hand press up I orderd on wedurday straight there & I got a cupper in on deal lol

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    Where about is he based?

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    jarrow / south shield mate

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    a really genuine guy to deal with,and good prices as well.

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