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Thread: Harkila big game gtx 10" boots

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    Harkila big game gtx 10" boots

    Do these boot come up big or small? depends on the make sometimes i take a 10 or a 11 or even a 9.

    so does anyone know whether come up big or small on size.

    by the way they are on special at john norris 105.99

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    I racently bought a pair of Harkila 7" boots from John Norris size 10 and they are tight, i can only ware ordinery thin socks with them and they are still tight , very uncomfortable by the end of the day, maybe i should have gotten half size larger , JC

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    I take a size 10 in a good leather shoe, this equates to a eruo size 45 in boots. Just bought a pair of the cheaper Harkila's for knocking around in and the 10.5 (45) is fine for me.

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    I have tried on the size 10 at John Norris on Tuesday and there is no " wiggle " room at all, so I asked for a 10.5 which they didn't have !


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