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Thread: is 280 rem common in uk?

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    is 280 rem common in uk?

    As the title suggests folks is the 280 rem common in the uk?

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    I have never seen one in a gunshop. There was one on guntader a while back. Not common!

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    Only ever seen one and that was years ago,probably back in the early nineties. So not that common

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    I very nearly had a 280AI built, brought the 7mm barrel but changed my mind at the last minute, I think Brit hunter off here has a 280AI reamer, so does Dave of Valkyrie rifles having just built a 280. I believe Ronal Rose had one for Sika not sure if he still has it. But to answer your question no it is not common.



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    I think "Max" from on this site has one.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    nope not common and I am not sure why. If I recall correctly enfieldspares from the site has one.

    As far as I am aware neither BSA nor Parker-Hale offered the chambering. Although P-H might have done a special run which they seemed to do for special orders as they don't list the 7.92 Mauser in their catalogues yet they did make a batch of the 1200 Supers in 7.92mm.

    Norman Clark it seems usually has new brass in 280 Rem. If he carries factory ammo ? dunno. I found it difficult to source around here when I need a box to check the Ackley chambering and test fire the .280AI.

    The first case out of the new chamber.

    I used a new in the white BSA CF2 barrel in 7x64 and adapted it to fit the Monarch action it was quite and easy conversion.

    As Thar has pointed out yes I have a PTG 280 AI finishing reamer and a set of .280 Rem Go/No-Go gauges.

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    Thanks folks. Reason i asked is that i saw some discounted factory ammo for it and it caught my interest.

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    Thar, Ronalds 280 was the one i saw.

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    The Remington 280 is actually a good round, it was poorly marketed, in fact it's probably better than the 270 Winchester it certainly has a better bullet weight selection being a 7mm (0.284") now if your willing to stock up on some cases and hand load for it then if you have found a nice rifle go for it. It's more popular in Europe I understand due to the Semi Auto rifles chambered for it they can have. I believe it does a good job on Boar for one thing.

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    The 280 is particularly popular in France due to the Mil Calibre restrictions. I used a Rem semi-auto rifle (7400 I think ?) in 280rem there on a driven hunt a dozen or so years ago. Didn't actually get to shoot anything with it. I remember ammo stacked up for it in the Decathlon shop in Lille.

    Other than in France I have never come across it in Europe, always 7x64 or 65R.

    All that said, as a cartridge it makes perfect sense. As usual Remington made a Horlicks of the marketing - look at the mess they made of the 260rem - that should have been the easiest sell in history. If the 7mm-06 or 280rem had have been produced in decent factory rifles in the US in the 1920's and 30's, the 270 would have not have been born.

    If I found a nice one in a rifle I liked I would buy it happily, but I would not go looking for one.

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