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Thread: Brace from a high seat .

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    Brace from a high seat .

    Out at an unearthly hour to try and placate a farmer on whos land i cross to get to a bit of stalking i have .Hes recently bought a few dozen hens and has them free range in the yard but unfortunately ,charlie as usual cant be content with rats and mice around the yard and has snaffled two brace already and he only let them out Wednesday .I wish he had said before as i could of had a few before the big release but thats farmers for you .Arrived at the farm at 3 am with a view to have a lamp round but the weather dictated otherwise ,clear skies at home but 10 miles away a right pea souper.I had to sit in the truck for 2 hours before dawn but even then the fog was so thick i couldnt see no more than 20 yds .I thought about a call on stick but i knew deep down id be spotted at that range so went down to the high seat that is on the nieghbours but only a couple hundred yards from the the seat i let it settle for a while then started calling softly with just my mouth no hand and wasnt long before a fox appeared from the front at break neck speed in the tree plantation the seat overlooks .He was wired propper and never stood still all the while i tried to get a bead on him and he eventually looked straight at me and was gone .Not easy getting rifle around to shoot under charlies gaze i can tell you .carried on and soon after another fox came from the right ,ran along under the hedge ,and made himself visable at the bottem of the high seat .I could see him between my legs and he was switched right on to the calling i had done .He searched the ground ,sniffed the sticks i had leant against the ladder and looked up straight into my eyes even putting one paw on the bottem rung!I studied him as he moved around and away slightly alowing me to move ever so slowly around to face the rifle .One movement caught his eye and he was off but only under the fence and as he stopped to a squeak i shot him in the head .A thick set dog fox by the look of him ..Another call and one came from the left out the hedge and ran to the seat as before but he wasnt having much of me staring down and disappeared under the seat to re-appear where he had first shown ,facing away and was able to manouvre the rifle again to shoot this second fox between the shoulder blades .

    Called for some more but instead of the fog lifting as day break arrived fully, it got worse and i was now chilled to the bone so got down and made my way to the farm .Farmer well pleased and gave the number of someone else who is having problems .No rest for the wicked eh ,lol.That last fox was number 90 since last Xmas so maybe do the ton before this one .
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    very well done & a great read

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    Nicely done Tim, well done mate.

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Well done mate,I've just picked up another highseat,and I think I'll put it up on the cabbage patch by the spruce trees next to Randolphs.....what do you think?


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    Well done mate , those foxes love your calling. Not long til those does get a surprise in that plantation !!!!!

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    Sounds good to me mate ,when we out next ?

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