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Thread: Pecar berlin 4-10x52

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    Pecar berlin 4-10x52

    I have been offered a Pecar Berlin 4-10x52 for 150.00. It is old, well-used but in very good optical order. This would be my first variable 'scope (up until now I have only used 4x32 and 6x42) and I should like to put it on my .17 HMR. Grateful for any thoughts or advice!

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    A buddy of mine has this scope, it's old but very good quality. can't comment on price.

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    I have pecar 6x45 on both my rifles ,quality scope and at 150 in my opinion you are getting a bargain.A pecar variable sold for over 200 on e-bay recently,as long as you are happy with the price and condition of the optics , go for it


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    They are quality optics. Emma custom rifles normally try and source them, you might find a similar one to compare on their site. I think, if it is reasonable nick, you ought to buy it. Or let me.

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    Thanks for all that above - the chap who has offered it to me bought it nearly 40 years ago but it is clear and bright, reticle sharply-defined, though quite scratched and tarnished on the outside, and the focus/zoom functions work perfectly so I think I'll give it a try. Many thanks again for the advice.

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    Just remember that these Pecars are Moving reticle and not moving image so it's best to fit them up in windage adjustable mounts . The later Champion pecars are Moving Image and on the reticle/adjustment housing hve a circle with dot in the centre to denote this like this:-

    The occular housing is marked Champion as you can see. Whilst the older classic models would be marked like so:-

    In your case it will say Variable 4-10 instead of 3-7. Paul Burke can I believe fix up the outside of the scope if not there is another place in the West country I believe who can do it.

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    Thank you - this one is not a "Champion", so could you just enlarge on your advice, please? Do you mean that, when zeroing, the crosshairs physically move, so best to take out as much adjustment as possible in the mounts before fine-tuning with the turrets? (Sorry if I am being thick!)

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    Yes that is what brithunter means ,the crosshairs will not be optically centred if it is not the champion model,i have had to do the same with the pecar on my rimmie using the mounts to do as much adjustment as possible


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    OK - thank you. On my Ruger, using the excellent Ruger mounts and having "centred-up" the turrets, I have never had to make more than a few clicks either way to zero with any previous 'scope, so I guess the mounts are pretty "true" but there is no adjustment in the mounts themselves. I'll see how I get on ... many thanks!

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    I have one, needed re-gassing 10 years ago, but Pecar have stopped trading now. They are good scopes but the optics are now dated, check in different temperatures (in and out of a fridge) to test if you get internal condensation, if so with the cost of re-gassing it won’t be a good buy.

    But 150, it should give years of use.

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