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Thread: Stalking Vehicle: What Do You Carry?

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    Stalking Vehicle: What Do You Carry?

    I was just wondering what equipment people carry in their stalking vehicles? Also if they modified the vehicle for stalking in any way?

    I travel for all my stalking, so I try to anticipate what I might need, but have a Jimny limits the space available somewhat..

    Off the top of my head, excluding personal stalking kit, I normally carry the following:

    Carcass tray
    Stalkers wash box (home brewed one)
    Wet wipes
    Cleaning and disinfectant items for carcass tray ect
    Insecticidal spray
    4w LED Torch
    Selection of gambrels and "S" hooks
    Selection of chest spreaders
    Small pulley hoist
    PVC apron
    Couple of smallish tarps
    carcass scales
    Drag strap (12' of 1" nylon webbing)
    Plastic bags of various sizes
    Folding spade
    2 frosts knives and sharpener.
    Vehicle first aid kit.
    Secuteurs, pruning saw, 20" bow saw.
    Drag bag or roesack as appropriate.
    Security cable and lock (for rifle)
    Rifle cleaning rod and kit
    Tools and recovery items for vehicle (ie strops and shackles ect)
    Paper Work as appropriate (ie maps, letter of permission, carcass tags ect)

    In winter and if stalking somewhere remote, I will add a dry clothes, a sleeping bag, plus a small gas stove and a few provisions in case I have to spend the night in the vehicle unexpectedly.

    Other items such as portable highseat and long handled pruners are carried as needed.

    At present the only modification to my vehicle is to remove the rear seats and fit a new floor made from heavy duty plastic matting..

    My list sounds a lot but most of the items are fairly small and store in a couple of plastic tool box. Other items such as the vehicle tools ect get stored under the front seats as they are not needed very often.

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    Hell's teeth...Sporstman don't have that much in stock.I count myself lucky if I've remembered the gun bolt!

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    Puts my humble list to shame!
    Carcass tray
    2 knives
    Butt out tool
    Drag Harness
    Licence and permission.

    That does me!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotspine
    Hell's teeth...Sporstman don't have that much in stock.I count myself lucky if I've remembered the gun bolt!
    LOL, I should add not everything gets remembered all the time, which is why I try to pack much of it into a couple of plastic tool boxes..

    As I said, I travel for all my stalking and there is nothing worse than being somewhere remote for the weekend and needing a particular item badly..

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    Pete that sounds like Normal Bates on holiday!

    I have much of the above plus :

    2x5 litre bottles of water.
    Lots of IKEAs 30p blue bags, also handy to sit on when left folded.
    Squeezy bottle alcohol hand rub.
    Shades and spare specs.
    Eye drops (in first aid stuff, find them useful).
    Bug repellant.
    'S' hooks - also from IKEA (kitchen section)
    Bundle of para cord.
    Can of petrol.

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    why not go the whole hog I have a van and can get the quad in it!!
    makes life a lot easier for an old man with bad back mind you it has not been used for last week or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roedeerred
    why not go the whole hog I have a van and can get the quad in it!!
    I would, if i wasn't such a cheap skate!

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    Hi Pete,
    I run a Jimny too, great little vehicle! What do you use as a carcase tray?
    My list is a little less expansive:-

    Carried with me-
    Two knives,
    bone saw,
    LED headlamp,
    flask of hot coffee,
    3b's- barrel, bolt, bullets,
    plastic food bags.

    Left in the Jimny-
    old milk container of fresh water,
    empty feed sacks,(to prevent leakage from carcase into wifes car, most important).
    back up torch.

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    I use a 14 Garlands Titan garden tray from the local garden center. If you contact Garland Products direct, I think they will post one out for not much more..

    From memory, the tray is 100cm x55cm x 15cm deep, and will just about fit in a Jimny length ways if the rear seats are removed.

    If you have retained the seats, the tray will fit nicely across them when they are in the folded position.

    Hope this helps,



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    I want to stalk with Pete E, I am lucky to have ammo, dog and knife.

    I am forever forgetting binos etc and the amount of times I leave my sticks where I have shot a deer, my wife says shes surprised I have always come home with the dog.

    Stuff that lives in my vehicle is only generally the head and feet of the last deer I shot. Most things get changed in and out so that I can fit in the dog cage for picking up, or if it does stay in there I forget its there.

    I am going to copy your list laminate it and stick it to the sun visor in a bid to be organised.

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