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Thread: Advice about a rifle unused for 5 years pls?

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    Advice about a rifle unused for 5 years pls?

    Hi guys I found a .22 WMR CZ 452 in my local gunshop today that's been there for 5 years unloved and unsold!!

    Basically the guy took off the original front sight and sleeve and left it there for sale like this! Will need a cut, crown and thread which the shop will do for 60 quid!

    Thinking of making an offer but to do so I have to drive to his house as there's no contact number and he's x directory.

    The barrel bore is a bit mucky but should clean up, the same with the bolt and the rest is in very good condition.

    Is there anything I should be looking out for with it and would it clean up ok? There's no rust and it's stamped 96, so am guessing it's now 15 years old,


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    Be gentle. A 22WMR won't need vigorous scrubbing to clean it. A patch of solvent should to the bore or a single pull with a .22LR bore snake. Leave the brushes in the box. Don't use foaming bore cleaners, just keep it simple. Disassemble the bolt and give it a good wipe. Lightly lube with thin oil and reassemble it. My CZ 452 took about 300 rounds to initially break in and is very sensitive to cleaning.

    This target is 10 shots leaning over a camera tripod at 100 yards. The rabbit is 6" from nose to tail so you can see how tight the group is. My rifle likes Federal 30 grain Classic HP ammo. It clocks 2350 fps @ 75 degrees and is a real killer of small game. Nice find on the 452. ~Muir

    (My Brno 611 auto loader is a 1996. It ain't old!)

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    Go for it mate, done properly they clean up well.


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    5 years ... a couple of mine had not been shot for over half a century and one for at least a century. That one did have some rust issues as it was last fired with mercuric ammunition as non rusting primers had not been invented back then. As far as we know it was last fired during the 2nd Boer war. Unless it's been very poorly treated and got very damp I would not be expecting any problems. I do give a newly acquired used rimfire a proper cleaning to see if there are any horrors lurking under the fouling but then that's it they get cleaned when and if they need it.

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    Thanks guys I'm fairly new to rifles so have no idea how long they can sit, lol! It's been in the gunroom so has been stored dry and my 1st thoughts were it should be ok but just needed re-assurance.

    I'll let you kow how it goes today,


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    I would not buy it without insisting that the barrel is cleaned THOROUGHLY so that you can see any issues with pitting or wear. Also, it's silly but it is the law, the rifle will need a re-proof after being cut for the vendor to legally sell it to you.

    If it is cut after it is sold to you, technically no re-proof needed, but should you then ever want to sell it you'll realise that a re-proof as a "one off" isn't cheap! So if he says £60 plus the cost of the re-proof it may not be such a bargain!

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    Thanks for the advice mate I think that was including re-proofing but I'll double check it. I'll speak to them about the cleaning and will prob suggest I do it at their shop as I get on well and feel a bit cheeky asking for a proper clean on such a small offer!!

    They cannot get hold of the owner so it's up to the gunshop boss if he accepts my offer and the lads cert ran out over a year ago!!

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    Oh dear not again a screw cut muzzle does not need a reproof.. The Met and the London proof house tried to get Joe Beatham of Gunshop East Barnet on this and lost.

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    Muir, do you have any safety problems with your 611? Mine has a little foible, where if you pull the trigger with the safety on, and then release the safety, the gun fires. It's pretty disconcerting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Oh dear not again a screw cut muzzle does not need a reproof.. The Met and the London proof house tried to get Joe Beatham of Gunshop East Barnet on this and lost.
    I was under the impression that if you got the barrel screw cut, you had two choices. Get it proofed or not get it proofed. If you didn't get it proofed you couldn't sell it on at a later date. Is this wrong?

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