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Thread: Redfield Revolution 3-9x50 purchase

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    Redfield Revolution 3-9x50 purchase

    Hi all,

    Father n' law is thinking about purchasing one of these optics for his first rifle (.22LR, .17HMR). Can any users on the forum yell out any immediate pros and cons? They look well priced for the medium scope field and as they are American i guess they are well made? I said he should look at a second hand one if some one is selling on here.


    Many thanks


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    Personal opinion as I have owned one previously, save your money or you will be disappointed.

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    For about the same money or just a little more one can get a new scope with warranty. Whilst I personally don't like the new Nikko Sterlings (after a bad experience with a couple of new ones, a Gold Crown 4.5-15x50AO and a 3-9x40 Platinum) there are those who swear they are good scopes and Uttings can supply a Nighteater for about that amount:- These ones is a similar spec to the one you enquired about. A Nikko and a Nikon:-

    A friend in the US brought a Konus scope to go on his rimfire and was so impressed he brought a second one:-

    This one is a similar spec to the one you enquired about.

    On his game rifles he uses scopes like the Zeiss Conquest so knows a good scope.

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