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Thread: zeiss jena jenoptem collimation repair

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    zeiss jena jenoptem collimation repair

    My trusty zeiss jena jenoptems have got to the point of no return - the double image I'm getting now is terrible. They do have a slight dent on the objective end of the body which I suspect might be the root cause. Is it something I can tackle at home - or is that being a bit hopeful? I know Glasgow binocular repairs will sort it, but this will probably be somewhere near the cost of another pair Anyone got any experience of doing this at home?

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    Hi Mate, give paul burke optics a try, he has always been pretty good with me.
    Regrds Neil

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    Nice one mate - I'll give him a buzz and see what the damage is likely to be. I know glasgow repairs are reasonable in price too, but still likely to be 70 on a 70 pair of binos.... I was hoping to have a go at it myself, but it really doesn't seem like a job for an amateur looking at whats involved.

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    Sorted it!!!! Although certainly not in the recommended fashion I am sure. I started dismantling them and was busy removing a little circlip when they went flying from my oafish hands onto a concrete floor. Picked them up and looked through to check for damage and they seem to be in perfect collimation. I am a fricking optical engineer!

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