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Thread: Ellens stag

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    Ellens stag

    after being cooped up in the norfolk and norwich hospital since last sunday, as my wife was about to give birth to our daughter , the sight of the place was doing my head in .

    so last night i called my mate ivan a call to see if he wanted to nip out and have a look for some reds to see what was about hind wise , with the chance of a stag to boot.

    we arrived at 5.45am well in good time and took a high seat each and waited . on from previous outings i knew the hinds would show about 6.45 - 715am IF they were about .

    true enough 7.10 am the herd starting to meander their way from the far boundary , about 400yds infront of where ivan was , heading my way .

    typicly the wind was blowing from behind fairly hard , and within a few minuites the herd were in the field to my right pottering about . the lead hind then looked up straight at me (obviously caught the wind) and looking alert started to walk off slowly in the direction they came from

    by this time i had glassed a scruffy 6 pointer out , dwindleing at the back , so up with the rifle cross hairs half way up the front leg and squeesed the trigger and a 140gn barnes tsx from my 270 had hit home with a good report

    the herd belted off and the stag followed only to run out steam 60yd from the shot site .

    i called ivan who had already heard the shot and reported he counted 40 plus hinds and calfs had paused briefly before heading over the bounday . by this time i was half way to the stag , then my wife called me to let me know my daughter ellen was now out of the neonatal intensive care unit (has been suffering from seriously low blood sugar levels) and was now on the ward with her and was feeding well , which made me a very happy man !

    so ivan sorted me a picture which is something i very very rarely have done , as sort of keep sake and reminder of a very tiring and joyous week topping it off with a relaxing stalk and another scruffy stag off the cull list .

    so the stags been lardered , taken to the game dealer and im off to have a shower an hours kip and finally head to the hospital to cuddle and tell my daughter all about it and im already looking forward to the days and years to when she is big enough to enjoy , manage deer and hopefully follow in her pops foot steps .
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    Great result on the stag, well done, but more importantly that is really good news about your daughter Ellen, I wish Her, You and Ellen's Mother well!

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    Big congratulations on the birth and a well done on the stag! Glad to hear your all ok. Speak to you soon.

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    I'm pleased to hear all is well with your daughter, that must be a weight off of your mind. Great story, good cull beast well done all round!


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    Really Pleased ALL is well for all your Family mate, Good result on the Red to

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    Nice read mate and hope the little ones OK.

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    Good story and fantastic news about your daughter

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    Congratulations on your daughter and the Stag



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    Hi Lee,

    Congratulations on your new arrival.

    My twins daughters are now 7 and one of them, Mia begs me to come stalking. She had tears once when I went stalking early one morning. She was even more upset when I came home with this.

    Well done on the stag too. I am sure it would be way more pleasing to have a cuddle with your daughter though.



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    Well done on the stag!

    I have a daughter called Ellen. She is 18 now, but started her life in the Gloucestershire Royal Special Care Baby Unit with her twin brother Sam as they were 8 weeks prem. I hope you have half as much fun with your daughter as I do with mine, she is a half decent shot and can fly fish nicely. Good luck to the three of you!

    ATVB, Simon
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