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Thread: First UK deer, very happy!

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    First UK deer, very happy!

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ID:	10075I thought I would post this pic of my first UK deer having been through all the motions and done all that work getting my FAC, DSC1......

    This one was taken via Turvey Stalking, Paul the owner had good shoot'in stories as well as being very good at knowing his land and deer. And the stalking was very reasonable. It seems this is the crux of the issue in the UK, gaining stalking access at a reasonable price, unless you are lucky enough to have it already. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning and have spent the today processing this little guy. The couple of little steaks I had for lunch were fantastic. I look forward to more.
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    Congratulations 'WW' the first of many hopefully mate.


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    Well done its a pleasing feeling to get on the board!


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    your wallet will never be the same again, this sport is like beer to a alcoholc

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    Well done, but in the excitement of the moment did you not notice that someone has stolen the bolt handle off your rifle? (Only joking, I'm left handed and so expect the handle on the other side to yours!)

    Your next step now is to stalk and shot one and deal with the results on your own, though I'm impressed that you butchered this fellow yourself.

    As others have said now that you are hooked it can become an expensive hobby but I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I have.

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    Hi caorach, My host bled this one but I did the rest including full autopsy and then caping out for head mount and butchering, today jerky smoking. I will need a vacation(joking, it has been so fun). And the meat is all spoken for, there seems to be a great interest in wild meat nowadays so all the carnivorous friends are wangling ways to be invited over. I would encourage cutting up your own if you can find a place to do it as this is the first step to venison perfection on the plate, and you do not know how much goes missing if you do not do it yourself!

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    Well done you. The steaks would be even better if you let the carcass hang in a chiller for 5-10 days. The meat is more tender and has more flavour. Try it with your next one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    your wallet will never be the same again, this sport is like beer to a alcoholc
    yes it is i should find my nearest AA group..

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    Very nice muntie for your first ever deer,



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