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Thread: Gaiters

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    Which gaiiters are longest ?

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    I have deer hunters and they come over my knees!!! (I'm 5' 7")

    They state "one size" and I'm not sure I get on with them.

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    My Yeti's come to my knee.

    That reminds me, must go order another pair.
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    Ive just got a pair of Barbour endurance gaiters. I got the large ones. Im 6ft and they finish just under my knees and are waterproof and easy to get on and off. They simply have velcro the full length of the front and a popper top and bottom. Ive always had the deerhunter ram gaiters which lasted well and was happy with but so far these seem better.

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    the best gaiters on the market imo is the blackislander gaiter i am6"3 and fit perfect wear them up to hundred times a year and get maybe 3-4 years wear out of them.
    nice and quiet and youdont sweat in them unlike some of the other makes.
    think they are about 60 ish.

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    ali gaiters are pretty snappy and really water proof

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    +1 for Black Islanders, they can't be beaten in my opinion.

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    Black Islanders are great but don't go beating in them! I am not Keen on the Barbour endurance gaitors as they seem mis-named to me from my experience. If you are beating, keepering, or spend a bit of time pushing through brambles then the best I have found are the Kammo ones. They come in medium or large and are very durable, I chose the large and am very pleased with them. I keep my mended Black Islanders for stalking only.

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    The larger size of Kammo gaiters is both long and wide

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    Got harkila gaiters, never had any probs wae them, come to just up under your knee. (i think most are matched pretty even, just down to personal preference really)


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