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Thread: CZ 550 comb riser 56mm scope issue

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    CZ 550 comb riser 56mm scope issue

    Ive just fieed a s&b 8x56 on my CZ 550 .243 with high warne mounts. The issue is I am having is the comb isnt high enough. It alrealy has a 15mm rubber comb riser fitted but Im still about 15-20mm low. Has anyone got any suggestions on what comb risers are available with out having one of the cheap looking neoprene monsters covering the stock?

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    The Beartooth Neoprene ones come in brown and don't look to bad, most importantly they seem to work. I'd say though if you think you need 30-35mm of an increase then maybe consider having a gunsmith alter your stock? Can you get a set of mounts to take the scope down a little or is it touching at the objective lens as it is>?

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    I'll have a look at the beartooth ones thanks. I would possibly get away with lower mounts as with the warne highs Ive got about 5mm clearance of the barrel. As for altering the stock would a gunsmith be able to steam it and crank it up a bit or what would they do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davobob View Post
    As for altering the stock would a gunsmith be able to steam it and crank it up a bit or what would they do?
    I don't know what they'd do I'm affraid I just know it can be done, I'd imagine it would involve... dare I say it... cutting into the stock!

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    hello,I recently bought a cz 550 lux with a 56mm scope fitted and obviously high mounts so the scope clears the barrel and when mounting the rifle with my cheekbone on the comb of the stock I can only see the rear of the scope mounts,the problem is worsened with the lux model as it has a hogs back stock thus making the problem worse where as the american has a straight stock and the scope alignment is better.I got over this problem by placing the side of my jaw on the stock rather than my cheekbone and this seems to work well with no effect on accuracy or felt recoil,lee

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