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Thread: Dry PTFE spray

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    Dry PTFE spray

    Don't know if this has been asked before but can PTFE spray be used as a case lubricant?

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    I would say no.

    But this is only guesswork. PTFE is a product of the petro-chemical process and can burn. If left on the side of your cases it could result in an unpleasant build up of gunk in your chamber & barrel. I have looked at the spray and it works up to around 300 degrees celcius, I think it may get a little hotter than that in your rifle's chamber.

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    Teflon can and will imbed into the pores of the brass and because of the chemical resistance won't
    be washed off. Oil or any other lubrication on the cases or in the chamber is not good when firing.
    I'd say that is the reason why case lubricants are made to be removed very easily, even with water.

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