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Thread: Safari rifle sling

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    Safari rifle sling

    hi does anyone know where i can get one. not sure if this is the correct name but the sling goes over your left shoulder allowing the rifle to hang low on your right side. thanks ,the scudd

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    yes thats the type. i saw them on ebay a while back but they are not there now. thanks for the help

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    Is this the thing you mean? (5th item down)

    I'd be interested in any comment, if anyone has tried this particular one -

    I didn't think I knew "Tackle & Guns" - but after trying to find out who/where etc., I discovered that if you click on "Autumn sale now on" you get the index page and they are in fact in Glasgow and not a million miles away from me (I'm in South Lanarkshire) - so if no-one has tried the Boonie Packer safari sling, I'd better go and have a look at it.


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    no problem contact riflecraft they sent me one by return

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