Hi to all.
As you may no I have been running rifle zero / Practise days on Catton Park Estate in Derbyshire and have secured some dates for next year but due to the Pheasant and partridge shooting we have to stop during the shooting season, A lot of you have asked if it is possible to try and get more shoots in and I am pleased to say it looks like I may of secured an area that could be used thorugh the shooting season and the close season.
I have booked a date for November 27th 2011 Sunday.
With the kind permission of Mr Jamie Garland we are going to use the clay shooting area and some of the surrounding area at Garlands shooting ground for the setting up of the targets althrough we can not get the distance of the normal shoots we will still have 250 yds to play with and I am sure thats plenty enough to practise at.
The Set Up will be as follows.
250 yds Metal reactive and animal images plus some normal round targets for anyone who wants to see what there rifle is doing at a greater distance. from this shooting point the targets will come down then in range to about 80 yds so lots of chance to practise at different distance.
A further area will allow several to practise zero at 100 yds down to 50 from benches to allow stability. and may be some room for other targets.
one of the skeet layouts is going to be used as the running deer so abit of fun there, and for them that would like to bring there air guns I will set up a load of knockdown targets for you to practise on.
As some of you no I am always looking to improve the days I run and get people shooting more so I will try and introduce more Ideas as we go along, may be a pool shoot, nearest the bull etc.

This is a great opportunity for us all to gain a regular area to practise but it can only work with your support, if you would like to attend or require more info give me a call or email and I will do my best to help. Please note this event is being run by Catton Rifle sport and all enquires should be made to us.

Sunday November 27th
Garlands Shooting Ground
Raddle Lane
Tamworth Staffs
B79 9JR

Numbers may have to be restricted so call early to get you place. Price for the day 20 if you just come for the air gun shoot 5
Food will be available and proper toilets.......................... not the shovel ! Hope to see a few of you there www.cattonriflesport.co.uk

Regards and keep shooting

Carl & Gillian