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Thread: Only in America.

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    Only in America.

    Shot with a .22 rimfire apparently......

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    think i may have been armed with a little more than my rimmy for that piggy ,wouldnt want to have met him coming down one of my feed rides

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    I worked in Iran in 1978 and my boss shot one that was 11' from the tip of the tail to his snout... very tasty as the locals don't eat them.

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    I have read quite a few old hunting books and the .22 has actually accounted for its fair share of quite large animals over the years. (some actually pretty hard to believe)


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    Would have thought a .22 would bounce of that beast

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    In 1910 a North Indian sqaw shot and killed a Grizzly bear with a 22rf, three shots in the head, she was hunting squirrels when the bear attacked her, some reports said the bear actually fell dead on top of her, although this was latter thought to be a dramatization of the original story.

    While hunting in NZ a couple of years ago our guide used two Hornets one with a scope one open sighted for all his hunting including red deer and Boar, he had 11 other CF rifles to choose from, but he said all were no more dead than when shot with a Hornet so long as you hit them in the lug hole.



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    Saw a program about the 'feral pig plague' on Nat Geo the other week and there was a guy shooting them from a helicopter with a .22CF.

    The truck in the photo is in the style of the Aussie ones too.

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    When butchering we use a 22LR to kill the hogs. None that big, but even hogs half that size go down without an argument if you plant a 40 grain Hi Vel in it's forehead.~Muir

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    proberbly shot with a .22rf ,no doubt a ar15 clone auto about 600 rounds per min

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    With that Toyota rig and the background it makes me think it's in Australia. Lots of pigs shot in QLD with .22lr, a lot of the time it's all they've got on them out on the stations when they're out checking the waters. Where did you find it mate?
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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