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Thread: T8 Moderator Cover

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    T8 Moderator Cover

    I have got a Garlands moderator cover on my T8. I cut it a bit short and looks pretty naff IMO.

    Is there anything else on the market better ? What are your opinions on mod covers - are they really needed ?

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    They stop bits of twig and branches making a 'Ting' noise when hitting it going through coverts.

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    I use a neoprene cover on mine, its a good fit.Came from Macleods of Tain.Like EMcC says they stop all the scratchy and tingy noises plus if you fire a few shots it cuts the heat haze down. The inside of mine is now soaked in oil and prevents rust

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    Not needed at all but when stalking in a wood that ding that the twig makes on your mod is bloody loud!!! i have one from bush wear, black and with both sides of the neoprene stiched. would recomend any day of the week

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    I could not get on with my 'garlands' and binned it yesterday!If any woodland work comes up may be tempted to get another cover.For the moment it's now covered in green cloth tape.

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    I got a bit of old neoprene and cut it to size then using the sewing machine stiched it so that when I turned it outside in and rolled it over the mod like a condom it was a perfect fit. I think it took me 10 minutes to do.

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